We are thrilled to celebrate our own, Alexander Lushpinsky, who has been recognized as this year’s Regional Emergency Medical Organization’s (REMO) Advanced Life Support (ALS) Provider of the Year.

Alex is a treasure to our organization. With over a decade of experience providing care, educating and pioneering, he is truly in a league of his own

Alex continually strives to be the best he can be at all he does. He’s constantly doing research and asking questions to improve his practice. Alex is a master of critical thinking, consistently analyzing how his treatments will ensure he provides the highest level of care.

Perhaps equally as important, Alex embodies compassion, patient advocacy and pure kindness on every call, without exception.

Alex will go above and beyond for every patient and their family to ensure that they have everything they need on their worst day. Not only will Alex skillfully provide expert advanced medical interventions, he will shovel snow from a patient’s driveway. And he does so without hesitation.

In addition to being a beacon as an ALS provider, Alex is pioneering many programs within our agency. In addition to being our Health and Safety Coordinator, Alex is currently a Field Training Officer (FTO) where he expertly trains, teaches and mentors new employees and students. It’s quite often that you will see him using his down time, working with our younger staff members to help mentor them as they sharpen their care and practice.

As one of the hand-selected, founding members of our Critical Stress Management Team, Alex has created resources to support our providers in navigating the various stressors and vicarious trauma often associated with this line of work. The development of this program is a definitive priority to our agency, and Alex has added invaluable benefit to the wellness of our providers.

We are honored to congratulate Paramedic Lushpinsky on this extremely well deserved award. We are so grateful for him, and the example he sets for all.