For the second year in a row, CPHM was named a Top Workplace by the Albany Times Union!

The recognition was especially meaningful this year because CPHM staff relied on the agency’s culture for strength and support in order to meet the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

CPHM Executive Director Alan Bell said that the staff survey results used to determine the Top Workplaces designation confirmed what he saw over the past year. “Our staff is very committed, not only to the agency and serving the community, but they are also committed to taking care of each other.” He explained further, “During the pandemic, staff would keep each other positive and motivated and they leaned on each other when necessary. It was truly amazing to see the support on a daily basis.”

Citing the agency’s strong internal operations, Bell said, “COVID showed that, at CPHM, our strength comes from within. At a time when everything was unknown, our incredible staff stayed focused and worked as a team. They even found innovative ways to address some of the new problems that we faced. I can’t be prouder of the staff and the culture they sustain.”

CPHM Senior Medic and Field Training Officer Steve Lohnes echoed this, saying, “CPHM’s culture is the reason I want to come to work. Everyone here really is like family and the camaraderie that the employees have makes it easier to bear the stress of the job.”

Lohnes added, “We laugh together, eat together, and get to know each other really well. Those friendships help us be more effective as a team. Plus, they make you want to perform better because your coworkers are your family.”

CPHM Paramedic Caitlin Overholt agreed that CPHM’s commitment to skills improvement and professional development is part of what makes it a Top Workplace. Overholt said, “The all-encompassing investment the agency places in the employees is unmatched. At CPHM, we are constantly given opportunities for personal improvement in our field, and being able to perfect your skills while having fun with some of your closest friends at work makes a big difference in job satisfaction.”

Emily Neaton, a current CPHM EMT who is completing her Paramedic internship with Overholt as her mentor, agreed. Neaton said, “Everyone here is always willing to help and support you when you are trying to learn something new. I never feel awkward asking a question because I know they want me to understand completely and be the best I can be.”

Earlier this year, CPHM Staff were asked to complete an anonymous survey and provide feedback to a third-party technology partner who compiled and analyzed the results. The survey measured 15 major elements that are critical to organizational success and employee satisfaction. These factors include alignment with agency values, leadership, execution of strategic plans, connection with management, and job satisfaction and appreciation. All participating workplaces in the Capital District were ranked within their category designation of small, medium and large-sized workplaces. CPHM, with 93 employees, was ranked within the Top 30 in the region for Small Workplaces.

The complete rankings and Albany Times Union article can be found here.