Tell us a little about yourself? And, what’s one fun fact about you?

I am a Guilderland resident however spend a great deal of time in the Clifton Park community due to my role at Shenendehowa Central School District where I am the Director of Policy and Community Development. I have been at Shen since 2002. I really enjoy the Shenendehowa community and I love coming to work each day knowing that I can make a difference!

Why are you interested in serving on the Board of Directors at CPHM?

I find the work CPHM does to be very intriguing. There are so many different facets of their work, it's not just about responding to medical emergencies. I'm excited to bring more awareness to all that CPHM EMS does for the community. I believe that with my non-profit and education experience, and my personal interests, I can bring a different perspective to the organization.

You wear a couple different hats as the Director of Policy and Community Development at Shenendehowa Central Schools? What’s an average day like in that role?

Every day is different and that's what I like the most. One day I could be in the office, the next day in the schools and the next day working with businesses in the community. My work each day always has the students’ needs as the end result. Every day I have to ask myself; "How are Students better as a result of my work?".

What’s something surprising we may not know about the Shen community?

We have 9,824 students in 13 buildings across the district! We have approx. 210 students who receive a backpack with child-friendly, shelf-stable, and easily-consumed foods each weekend that is provided by our Bountiful Backpack Program. This program is 100% funded by donations from staff and community members.

Wow. That's incredible! Is there any other initiative or project you've been involved in that had an impact you are proud of.

One major initiative is being able to implement a School based Mental Health program in the district. The program has served over 120 people and it continues to grow based on the needs of our students. WNYT recently did a great story about teens and depression and featured some of our work.