Our Impact

Service Area Population

Our call response demographic is over 80 square miles and includes 70,000 residents in the Towns of Clifton Park and Halfmoon, as well as the City of Mechanicville.

A Heart Safe Community

We are an authorized American Heart Association training center with the goal of creating a “HeartSafe” community. Last year we taught 95 AHA courses and certified 965 students.

Educational Outreach

Educating and giving back to the community is very important to us and we offer many programs to achieve that end such as; car seat installation clinics, babysitting certifications, community CPR and more.

safety education and stand-by support

We often provide safety education as well stand-by medical support at community events. Last year we attended over 100 events and programs.


Thank you to the CPHM paramedics and EMTs who responded to my dad yesterday. Great response time and professionalism! My dad also commented how nice everybody was.
Halfmoon Resident
Today's class was INCREDIBLE! This was the most I've ever learned in a CPR course. Our instructor was phenomenal!
CPR Class Participant
Residents of Clifton Park are lucky to have such a fine health resource as the Emergency Corps. Your dedication to your jobs and your willingness to do whatever it took to provide us with swift and safe transport is greatly appreciated. Yet, as important as those things might be, what stands out most in my mind was your kindness. It will never be forgotten.
Clifton Park Resident
In honor of National EMS Week, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the hard work and dedication of the Clifton Park & Halfmoon Emergency Corps. I have personally enjoyed getting to know many of you and admire your professionalism and premier patient care focus. Thank you for all you do.
Mechanicville Mayor Dennis Baker
You greeted us with smiles on your face and were professional at all times.
Clifton Park Resident
Your kindness, compassion and professionalism are greatly appreciated.
Rexford Resident
I am so glad to live in this community where people like your team care so much.
Clifton Park Resident
Thank you very, very much for what you and the guys and gals have done for people in this community. It's really appreciated
Clifton Park Resident
It’s important to recognize the dedicated EMS providers across Saratoga County, who are the front line responders to accidents, fires and emergencies,” said, Michael Zurlo, Saratoga County Sheriff. “These men and women provide lifesaving care to those in need 24 hours a day, seven days a week and for that they deserve our heartfelt thanks.
Saratoga County Sheriff Michael Zurlo
Thanks for the great service!
Clifton Park Resident
Your staff were calming, compassionate, and were very sweet. They talked me through everything and left a lasting impression and I am extremely thankful. I can’t praise them enough!
Mechanicville Resident
On behalf of the Town of Halfmoon Town Board, I would like to extend our sincere appreciation to the Clifton Park- Halfmoon Emergency Corps. The Town of Halfmoon applauds each member of the Emergency Services Team for your dedication and service to our community. I have personally witnessed EMS members in action at emergency calls, parades and other community events. Your skill, professionalism and demeanor are superior and unmatched. We wish you the very best and thank you again for your passion to serve Halfmoon and our entire community
Halfmoon Town Supervisor Kevin Tollisen
I feel that I needed to share with you a recent experience that had me see first hand that an EMS professional was more than just a life saver. 2 1/2 weeks ago my 15 year old next door neighbor suffered severe burns. As he sat in the CPHM Ambulance, one of the EMS guys took great care to reassure his 10 year old sister that her brother was going to be fine. She was very upset. Recognizing this, the EMS gentleman bent down to her level and told her “not to laugh at her brother because he is going to look a little funny because he has no eyebrows.” It made all the difference to her and her mom to have that small moment of brevity and humor at a time of chaos and fear. I myself was very moved by how he handled the situation outside the ambulance as well as inside. Thank you for maintaining such a amazing, professional staff at CPHM Emergency Corps to serve, save and comfort our community. God bless you all!
Clifton Park City Council Member
Thanks for the excellent services and care that I and many others (I am sure) have received from your agency. Thank you for your exceptional service!
Clifton Park Resident
I just wanted to send a HUGE thank you to the CPHM staff that transported my daughter. As a mom, I can't thank you enough for how amazing you were.
Clifton Park Resident
The care I was given by CPHM was outstanding!
Mechanicville Resident
I just wanted to say thank you to the CPHM emergency responders who safely transported my son in a very scary situation. They made me feel calmer and more at ease with their preparedness and compassion for my very young son. Thank you for all that you do!
Clifton Park Resident
We are always so grateful to CPHM for their quick response to all of our emergency calls. They did such a great job keeping my husband calm and comfortable through every situation.
Clifton Park Resident
The team, from the dispatchers to the EMT's, Medics, and ambulance driver, were amazing ... thankful for such a dedicated team of help.
Clifton Park Resident
The Town of Clifton Park has experienced residential growth since the 1960s and by 1990 had 30,000 residents. Over the years our first responder community has met the challenge of providing professional service to the community. CPHM EMS has been an integral partner, growing in size and expanding the capabilities of the organization as technology and new life saving techniques required intense training of front line responders. Our continuing challenge is to provide exemplary service in the most efficient and cost effective manner. The Town of Clifton Park appreciates your dedication to service and partnership.
CP Town Supervisor Phil Barrett