Volunteering with CPHM

Founded and initially supported fully by volunteer members, CPHM encourages every member of our community to actively participate in our organization. Community involvement and integration is a pillar of our Mission.

To encourage volunteerism, CPHM offers several benefits such as uniforms, tuition assistance, AFLAC coverage, and a continuing medical education monetary allotment based upon the number of hours volunteered.

In addition to these benefits, you will receive the gratification of community members and your colleagues for making the towns of Clifton Park and Halfmoon, the City of Mechanicville and the Hemstreet Fire District a better place to live and work.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, many opportunities are available to you. CPHM offers three classifications of volunteer positions:

  • Responding Volunteer Staff: Working with a professional crew of NYS EMT’s and Paramedics, your responsibilities would include responding to emergency calls with the duty crews. You would be expected to be or be working towards your NYS EMT-Basic or Paramedic.
  • Training and Community Outreach Volunteer Staff: Working in close association with our community outreach personnel and the CPHM American Heart Association Training Center, Training and Community Outreach Volunteer Staff would be responsible for planning and participating in various training outreaches such as CPR and First Aid classes, car seat safety check and installation courses, and BP clinics to name a few. Member’s who participate in this task, would also be eligible for no-cost AHA CPR/First Aid instructor training.
  • Administrative Volunteer Staff: Working in close association with our management/administration staff, volunteers would participate in various activities that may include grant writing, office management, service recovery, patient referral services and other activities based on the needs of the agency.

How to become a volunteer:

If you would like to volunteer for CPHM, please contact Ed at 518-371-3880 for an appointment to discuss application requirements. You can also email him here.

* Please note, all Responding Volunteer Staff must be able to meet the Department of Health's Functional Position Description. Those guidelines can be found here.