AHA Training

Have Questions?

If you have question related to AHA training, or course offerings, please contact us via email or call: (518) 371-3880 ex.119.


Does Blended Learning fulfill my certification requirement?

Yes! Blended learning is a convenient way to obtain your AHA certification.

After completing the online portion of a certification course, you must complete a hands-on session with our AHA Training Center to obtain a course completion card.

You can see our schedule of skills evaluation sessions here.

I have a new job that requires CPR certification, am I a Healthcare Provider?

Good question! Courses that are designed for a healthcare provider are geared to professional practitioners such as physicians, nurses and dentists. The chances are, if you are not a licensed provider, you do not need a healthcare provider course. For example, if you are working at a day care or a lifeguard for the summer, you probably just need a Heartsaver course.

What type of class do I need and how much is it?

Each course offered has a specialty, as well as overlapping information.

The most important thing to determine is if you need a certification as a healthcare provider (HCP). If you look at the descriptions under our class offerings, we list the primary audience for that specific course. Each cost has a different fee associated, but range from $55 to $175.

How do I pay for the class?

We do require payment of the course before the day of class, and we prefer that you process your class payment online through our website. We use a secure, certified e-commerce platform with the most stringent level of certification and authentication.

If you need to make other payment arrangements, please contact Gina at 518-371-3880 ex. 119.

What is your cancellation & refund policy?

Class size is limited, and in order to have a proper instructor/student ratio, we close registration seven days prior to class.

You may cancel your registration up to seven days prior to the class for a full refund. Cancellations there after will result in a 50% refund of the total course fee.

Refunds for multiple registrations will result in a processing fee being charged.

Please note that classes are not usually cancelled because of weather, however in the rare occasions that this does happen, we will notify you by email in advance.

If you need to cancel your class registration, or have questions, please reach out to Gina, AHA Training Center Coordinator, at 518-371-3880, ex. 119, or via email.

Will I receive a certification card the day of class?

The American Heart Association is moving away from printed cards and often issues cards via email.

I have a group of friends that want to organize a private class for just us. Do you offer that?

We sure do! If you have a group that is looking to schedule a class, we can host that class here, or if you are a corporation or organization, we can teach

the class at your facility as well. To learn more about scheduling a class, contact us.

Do you offer a course to certify AHA instructors?

Yes! If you are interested in becoming an AHA instructor, please let us know.

Where is your training center located?

Our training center is located at our station headquarters in Clifton Park. Our address is 15 Crossing Blvd., Clifton Park, NY 12065. We have plenty of parking, and you will want to use the side door on the left side of the building.