Each year we award a Paramedic, EMT and Volunteer of the year, as voted by their peers. We are thrilled to announce this year's honors.

Here is a sample of what Tim, Keri and Mike's colleagues had to say about them:


Volunteer of the Year: Tim S.

"Tim has been an asset to the weekend crews. He exceeds what's required of him, puts forth a great effort has a great disposition about him. He is very helpful on calls and in the station."

"Tim has been a big part of some exciting cultural changes at the agency, he provides incredible perspective and enthusiasm."


EMT of the Year: Keri S.

"Keri is a caring individual and it shows in her patient care and work ethic. She has gone above and beyond to better herself this year with schooling and clinical practice. She has also shown her love for the company and its employees with covering as many shifts as she can, for others."

"Anyone who has ever taken their Paramedic class knows it can be one of the most challenging times in your life. Keri came into every shift ready to roll. She was prepared, open minded and ready to learn from everyone. She was very open to feedback and encouragement that we provided."


Paramedic of the Year: Michael K.

"Mike is one of our best Paramedics. He is a someone that I would want to take care of me or my family in a medical emergency. Which is the ultimate compliment I can give to another provider. Mike always goes out of his way to help & do things without being asked."

"He is the first to help out on calls or around the station. You’ll find him training a new hire or student one day and pushing a broom around the station another, even though that was not the choir de jour. "

Congratulations to all!