This year's Veteran EMT class, conducted by Saratoga County EMS is celebrating it's mid-course milestone. While we celebrate their achievement, we are also in awe of the community support the program has received.

This year, our 13 Veteran students hail from all branches of military services. They are an incredibly dedicated, hard working and dynamic group. As with the Class of 2016, we have found that being in a class of students with the commonality of military services has proven to make a unique and welcome environment.

The course will conclude in March with state testing as well as a professional development workshop opportunities.

In addition to the incredible heights the students and instructors are achieving, the outpouring of support for the program is stunning.

Thus far, the following organizations and groups have made invaluable contributions to the Veteran EMT Course:

  • Alliance Worldwide Investigative Group, Inc.
  • Clifton Park Halfmoon Emergency Corps and Members
  • Corporate Health Services of Saratoga Hospital

  • 5.11 Tactical
  • MES (Municipal Emergency Services)

  • Pinnacle Human Resources

  • Saratoga County Veteran Affairs
  • Target Solutions
  • 3M
  • Veteran Business Council of Saratoga County Chamber

As a matter of fact, this past Thursday, the VBC of Saratoga County Chamber paid a visit to the students (pictured above). They introduced themselves, as well as the rich resource the VBC is in our community. On top of that, they sponsored the cost for Personal Equipment Packs for each student!

In the coming months, we will be sharing more updates about the students, our partners and our dedicated instructors.