CPHM Senior Medic Samantha Cook was promoted to Shift Supervisor in December 2020.

Samantha joined CPHM in 2013 while she was still an EMT completing her required ride time. Hired as a CPHM Paramedic in 2015, Samantha was promoted to Field Training Officer in 2019, and, in early 2020, became a Senior Medic.

Samantha joins the agency's five other Shift Supervisors, assuring that there is always a supervisor on duty, 24-hours a day. In her new role, She will supervise staff, assist on high acuity calls, perform administrative responsibilities, and mentor new medical staff members.

Samantha said she is excited to be a Supervisor so she can educate crew members and help them achieve their professional goals. She said, “I want to help the crews and be a resource for them, and do whatever I can to make their jobs easier. I’m really looking forward to my new role with the agency.”

Congratulations, Samantha!